Our poor sports guy at 1340thefan want Tech to succeed so badly, they're willing to realllllllllllllly stretch the facts. Okay, technically the facts are the facts, but you have to dig just a little deeper to see what's really going on. More after the jump.

Texas Tech is off to a 2-0 start and we congratulate them for that.  On the other hand, they played two teams that are barely blips on the map of college football.  Do you know the full names of the colleges they played?  How about their mascots? Or where they are located?  I don't really have a clue about either one and I find this type of preseason kind of b.s.  Why not let your players work against players that are the quality of those they'll find during the season?  I can tell you right now that the difference between being hit by a 2oo pound linebacker and a 225 pound linebacker is the difference between falling over, and falling over while simultaneously crapping your pants.  The difference between the lower league players and Big 12 players is almost as much as the difference between high school players and college players.  It's almost not even the same game.  One of the teams was even from the Western Athletic Conference, so even they know they are 'wac' (sorry, I couldn't resist).

So with all of this said, we find our sports guys very amusing. Sports people are just a different type of crazy.  Today one actually put up a post boasting that after the first two games Tech has the #4 defense in the country.  While that might be true, it would be like me beating the heck out of bunch of a class fourth graders and claiming to be a 34-0 MMA champ.  The point being, you don't GET to claim a monster defense when you're playing against teams that are so far beneath you that they should have six-man college football teams.

So in summation, we wish Tech well, but we hope they know that they haven't really played a college football game yet.  The players that are coming at them are so much bigger, faster, stronger and more talented than the pushovers they've been playing.  And to our a.m. sports guys, your passion for Texas Tech is admirable, but maybe you should mix a little reality in there.