Pantera's metal classic "Vulgar Display Of Power" turns 21 today and we have our horns held high up in the air for this one.

Released on February 25th 1992 "Vulgar Display Of Power was the 6th studio album from Pantera and even to this day would continue to influence the world of heavy music.

When "Vulgar Display Of Power" turned 20 last year the album was released with a track that never made the final cut which was entitled "Piss" which is a great track.


To me it doesn't get any better than Pantera, their influence is still so strong  that even to this day you can hear so many bands out there that have Pantera influence. The album featured classic metal tracks that included "Walk" "Mouth For War" "This Love" and "Hollow."

Get you horns up and celebrate 21 years of "Vulgar Display Of Power" with Pantera.