The other night our FMX I.T. guy and Woody got into a Papa Roach discussion. I was not sitting next to either of them but the way "Woody" was grinning I KNEW the conversation had to be about what an amazing lover I am, or Papa Roach.


As we drove home I asked her, "so, what good things were you telling Bob about me?" Only to have her start laughing and say, dude we were talking about Jacoby. So much for my ego.

After that blow to my manhood I knew the only way to get that grin directed at me (and maybe score) was to fill her in on the latest P. Roach studio news.

I reminded her Jacoby and the guys went back into the studio in November to start recording new tracks for their latest album that Jacoby told us in August to expect something new out sometime in 2012 or early 2013, and that I had information on a little riff the guys had recorded to give fans a little idea of what they are currently working on.

Needless to say I got the response I was looking for, she got to hear a little snippet of new P. Roach, and I got to go to bed with a smile of my own!