Last Wednesday, Papa Roach posted a status update on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts telling fans that when they reached four million likes on their Facebook page they would release a new song that did not make the new CD The Connection.

Well, about three hours ago they reached the coveted four million mark and as promised they released a link for a free download of a new song.

I am a fan of having a physical hard copy of a record in my hand, I am sure that has more to do with the fact that when I was a kid that was all there was, and that since I am such a music junky that I like to read the liner notes and look at the album art.

But, I have to say I REALLY do like this concept of free music.  And using social media to get the word out about not only a band but their music is a concept I am growing to love.

Download the new song from Papa Roach, Set Me Off, then go to Facebook and like their page if you haven't

already. Who knows what they have in store for fans when they hit the five or six million mark....