Spring is here, the birds are singing, the dust is blowing, weeds are growing, and all that adds up to more work around the house which in turn means more grumbling and complaining from the teenagers.I am honestly starting to understand why everyone's grandparents always told them the good old "I had to get up before dawn and milk cows, feed the chickens, go to the creek to get water, gather eggs from the chickens, and make a fire every morning BEFORE I walked 23 miles up hill in the snow without shoes to school" story!

Kids these days do not seem to understand how easy they have it!

How many of them walk to school, (or any place for that matter?) or don't have 20 pair of shoes to choose from each day?!

This morning I was in the store and saw a kid (15-16 year old KID!) throwing a fit becasue his dad told him he needed him to help him with the yard work this afternoon since he was out of school.

The kid looked at the dad and said, "I am on SPRING BREAK that means I don't have to do anything I don't want and I DON"T want to do YOUR yard work!"

The dad just looked at the kid and said well "I just thought maybe you could help since you're at home doing nothing", and the kid  looked at him and said "YOU THOUGHT WRONG SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP THINKING!"

If your a teenager who helps your parents out by working and doing your part, GOOD FOR YOU, if not, well...