And by that I don't mean he's similar to mentally challenged people. That would be the worst possible insult to some of the most wonderful people on the planet, and quite honestly it would give Pat way too much credit. No, I mean his ability to influence millions of people with his stupidity should be restricted.

Yes it's an infringement on freedom of speech. But when you have someone this ridiculously idiotic, and kind of a butthole at the same time, something needs to be done to counteract the harm he is inflicting on the world.

OK so I know you're a little confused by now. But watch his response in this video from as to why some other idiot believes that other countries like Africa get more miracles than America.

So there you have it! Because we in America chose to enrich our lives through education of scientific facts of the universe, God decided to say "screw you, you're too smart. I'm only going to help the stupid ones."

First off, all of those "other" countries ought to be seriously offended. Pat Robertson just called all of you stupid.

Secondly, there are many Christians around the world, even in stupid places like Africa, where they believe in evolution AND in God! Yes, its possible to hold both beliefs in your head. Unless you're a moron like Pat Robertson.

Third, for any Christian to believe that God performs more miracles in Africa than America hasn't also looked at what else is happening in the stupid parts of the world. Africa has the highest rate of AIDS in the world. Africa has seen sectarian and tribal violence that resulted in the genocide of MILLIONS of Africans. And this was recently, too. Plus they are some of the poorest people in the world. I thought, Pat, that you believed God wanted all of us to be rich, which is why the government shouldn't tax us, churches especially. So does God only want smart people to be rich, but stupid people get miracles?

Fourth, if you believe that we have over-educated ourselves to the detriment of God's favor for us, how far back should we regress into stupidity? Should we forget how to cure polio and other deadly diseases? Should we ignore the education that told us the Earth revolves around the Sun? Before that many people worshiped the sun as a god, didn't they? Is that where you want us to be? Or maybe we should forget all the science that helps us to build safer buildings that protect us from the weather? Or are hurricanes still God's punishment for DisneyWorld's "gay day"? Maybe we should erase all knowledge that tells us that drinking water filled with human waste is not only unsanitary, but can cause deadly diseases such as cholera? I'll pour the first glass of shit-water for you, Pat, drink up buddy!

Or maybe Pat Robertson is just an asshole who uses the bible, and his followers unquestioning acceptance of whatever crap he spits out, as a way to get rich through spiritual control of people's minds. If he can keep his millions of viewers clueless about what the world is really like, the more likely they are to blindly accept whatever he says. And what he usually ends up saying is "give me more of your money so I can keep spreading the word." What word is that, Pat? The word of shut up and follow me? Now how many other historical figures have sounded like that? Oh, wait, I forgot knowledge and education is against God's will, so we might as well forget all of history too. Because nothing bad ever happened in history, right?

Oh, and a P.S. here, when was the last time you heard of someone in Africa being raised from the dead? How did that slip through the whole world's radar? Oh, that's right, it didn't, because IT NEVER HAPPENED!