Legendary wrestling manager Paul Bearer has died.  Bearer,  who also managed under the name Percival Pringle III, died yesterday at the age of 58.  His real name, William Moody, wouldn't have been a bad one for his character who led The Undertaker along with Mankind, Vader, Kane, Rick Rude and others to the ring. 

I used to love the "cartoon era" of the WWE. Back in the early 80's the WWE characters were bigger than life and ridiculous. I used to watch the highlight show every Saturday morning on USA with my daughter, then we'd stick around for the always entertaining "Kung Fu Theater". Paul Bearer with his grease paint eyebrows and silly/spooky voice was one of my favorites (how can ANY guy who brings the Undertaker to the ring, not be one of your favorites). I remember him betraying The Undertaker to work for Mankind and later introducing The Undertakers brother Kane.

William Moody started off as a photographer around the wrestling scene. At one point he thought he'd get serious about life and go to mortuary school. He then returned to wrestling as a manger (one of several known as Percival Pringle) and eventually Vince McMahon tagged him with the "Paul Bearer" handle. I found a couple of tributes to Paul on the net already which shows you how popular he was.  Rest In Peace.

This tribute is mainly still photos but features Johnny Cash doing "Hurt".

This second one may be a little hard for some to take as it features pix of Paul in a casket and his early out of ring years.