A few months back we were sitting at Voodoo Lounge one Friday afternoon and some of the ladies started talking about this new "trend."

At first, I listened to about every 10 words (you know how it is when you are around a table full of women that have been drinking, right?). I heard the words glue, jewels, hair, hurt and then the word "vajazzled." At that point I started listening to about every other word.

After about 10 minutes of listening to them giggle and gasp I finally had to give this topic my full attention and ask what the hell were they down there talking about. At that point I learned more about "vajazzling" than I EVER needed to know.

Apparently there is a new trend where women have crystals glued to their "lady parts" or bling it out. They may do hearts, flower, ying yangs or whatever floats their boat. The point is they glue jewels to their "lady parts."  This is a for real "trend."

My question was seriously, who the hell would do that? Then I got to thinking probably the same chicks that have 4 inch long fake nails, tramp stamps, and dress like they are 16 ( also know as 1660's according to Woody).

Well today I was reading an article on another website when I came across the new "latest trend." You guessed it, it's "pejazzling." You tell me what self respecting dude is gonna allow someone to glue crystals to his "man parts" and I'll show you a dude that needs a good swift kick in the nuts to remind him jewels don't belong down there!

Don't believe me or what to learn more, check out this site. Then leave me a comment and let me know would you "pejazzle" your unit?