So my dogs get out (for the first time in about a year).  I was taking out the trash and they bolted.

It was pure accident.  Both of my dogs are friendly, have had their shots and tags.  Due to personal circumstances training them fell behind to other priorities. Anyways, unless you're trying to come into my yard all you have to worry about from them is them jumping on and licking on you.

So we jump in the car and one of the first people we run into is a woman walking a terrier.  We ask her if she's seen to strays and she points "thataway".  She then says the dogs attacked her terrier.  I don't know what "attack" means in her book but this dog does not have one hair out of place, nor does it look even a tiny bit frightened (we've all seen a dog after a fight and they get shaky).  As I put the car into gear, say thanks and begin to drive away, she says something.  I don't really hear because I'm concentrating on finding my dogs.  I asked my wife what she said, and she had said, "I'm about to get a gun and start shooting strays because I can't protect my dog".  I WAS MAD and circled back around to give the woman a piece of my mind but she ran and hid somewhere.

What is wrong with people? How do you make the jump from helping somebody with their dogs to threatening to shoot them?  How do you go from 1-10 on that scale?  And why does her dog get "priority" status in the neighborhood?  Maybe I should shoot her dog since it bothered my two dogs.  Maybe I should have called the cops on her for making a terroristic threat? Maybe I should just drive a little too close to the side of the road when I see her walking her dog, or maybe I should do what she really deserves and hold her down while both of my dogs sh%t on her head.

Seriously, what's with the violence escalation?  Have you noticed people more on edge, or are people just getting "mouthier" than before?