My Uncle Bear once said the most random thing to me, out of nowhere he just said, "life goes by too quick, you just wake up one day and you're old".  It's true.  I don't even know where the last 30 years went, but I had a blast.  Now, prepare yourself, I'm going to get deep.


Your life is up to you and no one else. I also don't believe that this life is the batter's box for something else. One chance, one life, live it how you want. You see the problem is, that so many people are under pressure to live a certain way. There's no reason for that.  Do other people want to judge you for how you live? Well screw them. I believe one thing: as long as you're happiness doesn't interfere with someone else happiness, then do what you want.

I know people who have never had a full time job and are happy as clams  I know others making six figures who are miserable. I know bikers who are the happiest people on earth and miserable lawyers. I can do one better; I know people who have spent MOST of their lives doing drugs who are happier than people who spent most of their lives in church. You see it doesn't matter. If you're happy being a fry cook, then what does it matter, as long as you're happy?

I have to admit I teared up a bit typing this because it was inspired by a recent loss, not really by me, but by friends of mine. It also gets to me that there are people in this world who actively work against your personal happiness if you are somehow different.  Don't let the bastards get to you. If you want to be a bum and live on the beach, pack your bags. If you want to live in a mansion, then get to work. You just have NO idea when it will all end and the only thing that matters is that you're happy on your way there.

This blog was inspired by, but not about, a guy I barely knew named Nick Simmons.