Here in the last six months a lot musicians have been out spoken about illegal downloading including  Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God and Mark Hunter of Chimaira. Now Pete Loeffler of Chevelle is speaking out on illegal downloading.

This has been a very sensitive debate since music sharing started to spread all over the internet in 1999 and still continues to this day.

"I guess I don't like the fact that it is in our human nature to steal things like music, and I wish we could change that," said Loeffler in an interview with

"But one good thing that has happened is that there was a change that needed to be made as artists have always been taken advantage of. Where now if you can, you can start on your own and do it on your own and that is a good thing for artists. And that's one of good things to come out of the whole file sharing thing."

Its obvious that file sharing has effected CD sales where it makes it tough for a band to sell a million albums, but  people will never stop buying concert tickets. This will always be a great debate on why we think we deserve music for free.