Last night in Massachusetts Phil Anselmo joined Black Label Society on stage to perform a Pantera classic and you can check it out here!

I am not gonna lie this would have been pretty cool to see live. But I am also gald to see that there isn't a Pantera "reunion" in the works with Vinnie, Rex, Phil and Zakk playing for Dime. The only down fall to this live performance is that now we get to hear the talks about a Pantera reunion. With Vinnie doing his Hellyeah gig and straight up saying that there will not be a Pantera reunion we can enjoy a live performance of a song or 2 from time to time which is totally fine with me.

The last time Black Label Society has been to Lubbock we have had a blast and of course the other times with Hellyeah and Kill Devil Hill have all been great shows. It has been even longer since Phil Anselmo has been to Lubbock. My bro Louis Outlaw told me that Down was in Lubbock November 2007 the last time we got our dose of Phil which has been way to long.

I know I crack jokes on Phil Anselmo and how he holds on to whatever Dimebag story he can come up with to stay relevant in the music scene but I know that a lot of people would love to see Phil either solo or with Down but we just gotta wait.

Checkout the performance of "I'm Broken" and lets just stick to honoring Pantera with a track or 2 from time to time.