Phil Anselmo was interviewed after Down's performance at the SWU Music And Arts Festival on November 14 in Paulínia, São Paulo, Brazil. When you check out the video you will see Phil's head busted open after he repeatedly hit himself in the head with his microphone. When I watched this interview and the performance it just had me in shock of what WAS one the one the greatest frontman of all time. when you watch the video of Down performing, Phil looks tired and out of shape, relying on simple stage theatrics to try to keep up. During the interview I have no idea about what he is babbling about, in which he looks spaced out. I just hope that Phil doesn't turn into a joke of the metal world.

The future of Down has been broke down into 4 separate  EP's that we can expect overt he next couple years, according to guitarist Kirk Windstein.

Check out the interview and the video of Down on stage during Phil's Microphone beat down at the 2:57 mark.