Your daily dose of new gadgets, viral videos, rad websites and other stuff to waste your time. Today’s feature on Pain’s Package is a fun, new app called ‘Pimp My Hair‘.

So, you might remember a previous Pain’s Package where I featured the app ‘I’d Cap That’, right? Well, the other day I was playing with that app and an ad came up for ‘Pimp My Hair’, so I clicked on it. Next think you know, I’m taking pictures of everyone in the building then adding a crazy hairdo to the picture.

Basically, like most picture apps, you either take a new picture or choose one from your photo library on your phone, then the app applies the effect. Well, this app has about 20 different men’s and women’s hairstyles to choose from. And 99% of them are as funny as a one-legged circus clown.

One can only assume that kind of clown is super funny.

As their website says, it will “take you from fugly to fabulous”.

Trust me, you’ll dig this app.

Last time I checked, this app was free, so you better install it while it still is free.

Check out this gallery I created with this app.

Got any ideas for a feature on Pain’s Package?