It's no secret we are a house divided when it comes to football season. Tension is always highest when the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers take on each other, and regardless of which team wins someone around the house walks around pissed for days.

I have to say the Steelers have absolutely earned respect this season. The team has been plagued all season with injuries, and the other night in the game against the Baltimore Ravens the team sustained two more major hits.

As of right now in addition to Ben, Troy, Mendenhall, Van Dyke, Sylvester, Robinson, Gilbert and Antonio Brown being out, it seems Leftwich and Reddman are both now questionable for this weeks game against the Browns after both were injured in last nights game.

Combine the high number of starters out with injuries and the bad call by coach Tomlin to call a timeout with just over two minutes left to play in a tight game that could have put them in first place, they kept on fighting until the end.

For that I give them props...