When I was a kid I loved to go to the playground and take turns seeing who could push the merry go round the fastest and who could hang on the longest. Then we would switch to the swing set to see who could swing the highest, and once we were all swinging good and high we would spring from the seats and fly through the air just to see who would land the furthest.

These days when I drive by the local parks with actual playground equipment I notice one major thing, most are completely empty.

Most of the parks here in Lubbock have recently had makeovers and now how new futuristic looking structures, Maxey Park even has a small "workout" area with machines for doing squats, arm press, should raises and other resistance type training.

One thing that has not changed much over the years, even with the updates, are the swing sets, and that's too bad.  Maybe if the city would replace regular swings with ones like the the swings in this video we could see more people of all ages using city parks more.