Evidently Ozzy mumbled his way through a Grammy speech.  First, Ozzy mumbles. Second, there's the heavy Birmingham accent. Lastly, there's the partying he does and/or has done.  Someone actually put on my Facebook feed "poor Ozzy, he could be the spokesman for an anti-drug campaign".  What a load of crap!

Let's go through the "poor Ozzy" scenario.  Ozzy has sold over 100 million albums. He pretty much invented one wing of the heavy metal museum. He's sold untold amounts of merch. He has traveled the world a couple dozen times.  He has partied his ass off.  Yeah, poor Ozzy.

So what do you want from Ozzy?  Maybe in another world in 1980 instead of launching a solo career, he straightens up and becomes "John Osbourne-used car salesman".  He gets a little fat from not being on stage, probably has some heart disease from eating too many cheeseburgers, has a heart attack and dies with his early legacy played out on one of those "where are they now?" reports.

Guess what?  Ozzy made great music and took A LOT OF DRUGS.  Sorry, every once in a while, the drugs work.  It's rare and more often than not it will lead to an early overdose and/or death.  In Ozzy's case, the drugs worked. End of Story.  Ozzy is freakin' 65 years old!  If he wants to be on drugs again,  he's earned it.

And if you have some kind of moral problem with this, I suggest you check out this video from the legendary Bill Hicks.