You know what you can bring to the FMX Big Purple Party?  Money.  Some of the messages I’ve been getting tell me that we’re going to have a lot of newbies at this festival and you guys need to get prepared.  It’s over 12 hours of music, you can’t go in and out, so what are you going to do?  It’s simple, plan ahead and bring money.  More after the jump.


The Lone Star Events Center isn’t that different from a movie theater in that they make their coin from concessions.  Beer, cokes and their cut of food sales pay their electrical bills, rent and so on.  Now I’ve had a few people write and they don’t seem to get this fact.  So let’s look at some things.

First off, that day is predicted to be 83 degrees.  It’s FREAKING perfect weather.  In fact, by the time Bush hit’s the stage it will have probably dropped to 60 or lower. This isn’t ‘sweat your butt off weather’.  Next, no one is making you take in the whole show.  It’s a GREAT option, but one a lot of people won’t take advantage of.  Next concessions at the Lone Star, in relation to other places like it, and to the aforementioned movie theaters are pretty darn reasonable.

Be smart.  Have yourself a big lunch before you come out, but do come out for gates at noon if you can.   Throw some sunscreen on in the car. Have a little cash in your hand.  You will probably be able to get a water, a beer and some food for under $15.  Generally drinks, yes even water, start around $3 and Food items around $5.  I think they even have a snack bar with just candy bars to get you by.  Maybe take a break or two when you hit the head and splash a little cold water on your face to keep you going.  When you get done with the show, get a midnight snack at home.  Better yet, bring $20 or $25 and REALLY enjoy a day long vacation from the world.  We’re even going to have some vendors selling cool rock and roll stuff like body jewelry and then there’s the band merch.  Suck it up and spend a few dollars.  You are going to have an EPIC day.

I know for some of you it was all you could do to come up with the money for the ticket.  I’m sorry and I hope better days are ahead for you.  Still, it is not the venues responsibility to make sure you stay hydrated and fed.  You still have a week to put together a few bucks for some drinks and maybe some snacks.

Tickets for this event are selling really well, I hope you’ll join the rest of us for the party!