I always listen to the two or three songs that are stickered on the front of a c.d. first. It's not something you should necessarily do, but it tells me the record companies 'intentions' when it comes to releasing singles from that album. Rather than open my shiny new c.d., on a whim I went to YouTube. There I found one of the songs dubbed into the system from a vinyl source and it sounds really good. More after the jump.


Record companies developed a consistent pattern with 80's hair bands that still seems to be alive today.  First single-a catch rocker, Second single-a rocker that represents the album as a whole, Third single-monster ballad. Right now we're playing "Stand Up" by All That Remains.  My guess is "Asking Too Much" will be the second single, then they'll follow up with this monster ballad called "What If I Was Nothing".  Once again, I actually think it's cool that this was dubbed in from vinyl. It sounds a lot fuller to me than a mp3.  Check it out: