I'm sure you saw the previews from this movie (if not, I'll have the trailer after the jump).  The preview featured a clip where a man in a rob throws some crosses in the air that turn into switchblade/shurkens that he throws at vampires.  It turns out that this movie delivers on all it's promises for both horror and sci-fi fans.  More (but no spoilers) after the jump.

Imagine "Mad Max" fighting vampires.  Ad in that "most' of the vampires aren't the kind of formerly human kinds that you're used to seeing in the movies.  The vampires in this movie have a lot more in common with the the monster from the Alien movies than any Twilight brooding teenagers.  Now, the "Mad Max" kind of lead character is a "Priest", except in this movie the "Priests" are more like mercenaries.  Our lead Priest has to break with the church of the future in order to save a kid from the vampires.  All of this takes place in a future that blends the old west with a tech heavy future. That's about what you need to know.  Other than great action you get fantastic atmospherics, cool recognizable villains and a few great startle scares.

I give "Priest" five Nightmares out of five.  Dig it.