I had a dream the other night that I was at a Prince Concert.  It was a fantastic show and Prince even did some "wire work" and floated over the audience.  Some of the other highlights were Prince skateboarding on a tiny Little Red Corvette and closing the show with Raspberry Beret (a song that I never cared for, but for some reason was my "favorite" in the dream).


There was also a part of the dream where the curtains closed and reopened and the stage was covered by those eggs from the Aliens movies. The eggs then shot out tiny plastic "facehugger" souvenirs to all the fans. I remember being very happy that I caught a few, then thought "what the *fudge* do "Aliens" have to do with any of this.

So I don't know why I dreamed about Prince, although Prince hates me. Well, I don't think he hates me personally, but his people keep pulling down  "Pony Wings" (the RockShow band) version of Purple Rain from YouTube.  It is no doubt due to the epic awesomeness and the guest appearances by members of Residue, Colossus Of Rhodes and Nubbins The Clown.  I guess you can decide for yourself.

***Now, please note I said "epic", I did not use the word "good".***