If you ever watch any type of professional sporting events you have surely seen people streaking across the field buck naked, or fans in the stands wearing crazy outfits, sometimes the craziness even slips out on to the field.

Well check this out, an autistic boy in Fredricksburg ,Virginia, was escorted off the field during halftime for running down the sideline in a banana suit.

After the unappealing act, the principal sent a letter to the boys mother stating he was upset by the boys "disrespectful actions to an administrator and his disruption of a school activity" (even though it was HALFTIME).

Not only were parents upset about the principals actions, but so were students who began wearing t-shirts saying free banana man; which then resulted in those students being sentenced to Saturday detention.

Ultimately the principal was given a 10 day suspension for his reaction to the harmless prank, which he only served 5 days and then resigned.

Makes you wonder if maybe just maybe he realized that a kid running down the sideline in a banana suit was really not that big of a deal.

I swear I will never understand why some people involved in educating kids would rather focus on stupid crap like kids having harmless fun at a football game rather than focus on teaching.

Here is a link to the full story and video, take a look and let me know do you think the principal overreacted or was he justified in his actions.

Get the full story here.