I don't know why some people want voting to be a difficult thing to do. It is one of the fundamental tenets of our society, and it should be easy, not hard!

Rainn Wilson from "The Office", "The Rocker", and other shows and films that started with "The" has partnered with some social media sites like "Good" and "Soul Pancake" to push for a national voting holiday.

Yes there's early voting, or absentee voting, but for a number of reasons those aren't readily available to all eligible voters. And with voting at a polling place only available on election Tuesday many people who want to vote can't. Either they can't find transportation, or can't get off work, or can't get child care, or any number of reasons. So why not institute a holiday so nobody has to work all day, and everybody has the American right of voting for their candidate?

Plus we all get an extra day off!