With all the Black Friday Sales that went on this past Friday 11/28/14, I only made my way to one store and that was Ralph's Records on Record Store Day Black Friday to get my hands on some very limited vinyl releases from 2 of my favorite bands.

If you aren't familiar what Record Store Day is it breaks down to this. Record Store Day is a celebration of everything that buying music great. Record Store Day is only for the independent stores throughout the nation. What does that mean if you are asking, it means that Lubbock's own Ralph's Records receives exclusive vinyl, box sets, reissues and whatever else some artists would like to release.

Record Store is the third Saturday of April and I always get super stoked to see exactly who and what will be released.

Record Store Day "Black Friday" is very cool because of the reason that it happens. The exclusive releases are shipped out to the independent record stores to help not only promote buying locally on one of the biggest shopping days of the year but to release some of the gnarliest collectors items of the year.

So what did I get my hands on for Record Store Day Black Friday?

Up first is a album seeing it's first ever release on vinyl and getting a very special treatment. Limited to only 1500 copies in the nation with 500 hidden through the pressing of a coke bottle clear edition, is Korn's Self Titled 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition which has a very very cool etched "D" side and adds a very cool touch.


The second purchase I made is the VERY VERY LIMITED Box Set of Immortal's "All Shall Fall" 4X10" Vinyl Release. What makes this so limited is that there were only 333 of them made and only 200 of them made their way to the states.Mine is hand numbered 73/333.


That is why I love Record Store Day is that the bands that you love come up with some very cool limited releases.

Record Store Day is set for Saturday April 18th 2015 and believe me Ralph's Records will have it covered for all of us collectors out there.