A CBS news reporter was beaten, brutalized and raped while Egyptians "celebrated" the fall of Mubarak.  The woman was eventually pulled to safety by other women and members of the Egyptian military.  I appreciate those who probably saved her life, but I cannot abide by the animals that attacked her.  Justice should be swift or retribution should be strong.  We cannot let one American overseas be treated like this. We need to cut off diplomacy until justice is done.  As regular Americans we should boycott their goods and remember that travel to the area is not only unsafe, it's wrong.

I don't want a relationship with a new government that won't prosecute this.  I don't want cheap gas from a country that would allow this.   Their history and their culture aren't worth a dime when they (even a small group) are allowed to treat other human beings this way.  This incident should not be allowed to be ignored or swept under the carpet.  Mubarak would have cut the throats of the people who did this; maybe we need him back in power, dictator or not.

Check out the whole story from CBS News here.