Nine Inch Nails recently posted to their Tumblr page the full and rare documentary covering their 1994-1996 "Self-Destruct" tour. They also posted an acoustic version of "The Becoming" from their "Downward Spiral" album. One of the best albums ever!

I've been a huge NIN fan since "Pretty Hate Machine" first dropped in 1989. Yes, 1989! and they've continually been awesome. I saw them live in El Paso on this exact tour, and it killed. One of the best live shows I've ever seen, even to this day. It's also the tour that broke Marilyn Manson to a worldwide audience. Yes, Manson was unknown to most before this tour. There's also clips with the pre-eminent travelling freakshow, the "Jim Rose Circus Sideshow". (This is the group that was arrested in Lubbock for Mexican dildo wrestling, if you remember that banner day in Lubbock's existence.)

The doc video is a full 75 minutes long, so lock the office door and prepare for an amazing hour.