Texas Tech took a 42-35 win yesterday in what some say was a shaky performance. Then again we're all armchair quarterbacks the day after.  We don't know a lot of factors about the game, all we know is what we saw and took away from the game.

Coach Kingsbury doesn't seem real happy with the game, but let's put that aside.  We don't know what the Raiders plan was going in. We don't know if they held stuff back for the season. We don't know if they were giving some players a chance that might not have a chance at another game.  We also don't know if their opponent played ten times over their normal abilities either.  There's a bunch we don't know.  All we know is it was a narrow win over a Division II opponent in front of a packed house.

Let's also keep one other thing in mind with this drill.  We are rating the Raiders on this game only!  If you rate 'em low, is doesn't mean you're a "Raider Hater" and if you rate them high (they did come back after all) it doesn't mean you're being little miss sunshine either.

So, what score would you give the Red Raiders game against Central Arkansas?

So instead of letter grades, let's go 1-10.  1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest.