We are days away (4/20) from the 31st FMX Birthday Bash; last week Korn drummer Ray Luzier phoned in to let us know what to expect. Raymond Lee Luzier was born in West Newton Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. He pick up the "sticks" at age five, and played in jazz, concert and the marching band in high school. Ray, made the move out to Hollywood, California to attend MI's Percussion Instutute of Technology. Luzier, would go on to play with David Lee Roth from 1997-2005.

Raymond Lee, was ask to learn five Korn tunes (instead he learned thirty) for his audition for Munky and Fieldy in 2007. He was invited to join Korn, and played his first show in Dublin, Ireland in 2008.

Look for Ray, Friday (4/20) at the 31st FMX Birthday Bash.

Here's the unedited interview I did with Ray to help you get ready (like you need it) for Friday.