The latest trend toward reality shows is starting to drive me crazy! Some of the crap is clearly scripted reality and then you have the stuff that makes you seriously wonder what the hell are people thinking! Reality TV started back in 1973 with a show on PBS called " An American Family" which spawned "The Real World", which lead to "Survivor" that set the bar for todays reality TV. I've always thought the people that allow camera's in their home and in their face 24 hours a day can't be all there.

I've never really been big on watching those type of programs, but I do have to admit I did love the Osbournes. Seriously, who doesn't love watching Ozzy stumble through everyday life.

Programs like the Osbournes were at least entertaining, "if" there were portions that were scripted so be it, at least it was funny.

The new stuff that is on these days is, well; strange as *hit!

The other day I saw a commercial for the new series of "Hoarders" and thought to myself, why the HELL would ANYONE allow camera's to see that crap, and why the HELL would anyone sit and watch that *HIT?!

Then you have that "Snooki" chick on "Jersey Shore," what they hell is up with that show anyway? Who gives a damn what a bunch of drunk ass kids are doing...?

Someone, please explain this new age TV because I just do not get it!

Until then I will be in the other room watching ESPN Classics catching reruns of games from the 1970's.