There are many reasons not to F*ck with "White Chocolate" Wes Nessman. This is not an ass kissing blog in any way shape or form. These are just humorous reasons that I think one should take into consideration before talking sh*t to Wes Nessman.

I have whittled the list down to five, but believe me when I say there are thousands of reasons not to F*ck with the White Chocolate. Here's the top five and leave your reason below in the Facebook commenting.

  1. He only wears combat boots because he's always ready to stomp a mud hole in someone's ass. And yes, he wears cargo shorts with them (who's ever been laid in cargo shorts).
  2. Owning a cat has never been cool, that's why old ladies are the only ones with them, but yet he makes it acceptable to own one (hell his is named Wolfie).
  3. The only thing he hates more than his own hair is you.
  4. He's the Hulk Hogan of radio, brother. He only owns shirts that are sleeveless. Seriously, even his suits have their sleeves cut off.
  5. He's "Straight Out of Compton," literally.

P.S. He also runs around with this guy. That's the icing on the cake for reasons not to mess with Wes.