Two of my absolute favorites hit Lollapalooza this weekend and both shredded. Now there's a bazillion bands at the event, but I'm sorry, I look at almost all of them as filler.  There are almost no bands that even deserve to be on the same stage as the Chilli's and Sabbath.  More after the jump.

I actually feel sorry for the people who don't 'get' the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their love and love of music comes through in every song and every performance.  I have a couple great examples for you here.  "Under The Bridge" highlights the soulful, give you you an audio hug, Chili Peppers, while "Around the World" celebrates a spirit of unity, funk/rock party style.


On the other side of the coin, the rulers of all things metal, Black Sabbath were able to get it together for a killer set.  It was amazing the amount of crowd participation Sabbath gets on the classics "Children of The Grave" and "War Pigs".  I'm still a little peeved that Bill Ward was left out of the equation, but I'm betting if I was at Lollapalooza, I would have forgot about the controversy pretty quick myself.