There are some songs that just take you to a different place when you hear them.  "Brendan's Death Song" is one of those songs for me.  This is just an epic tune.  The fact that it starts slow ALMOST makes you forget that the jam in the middle is absolutely epic.  Flea is just tearing it up.   There's only one downside to the video. I'll tell you about it after the break.

The downside to the video?  They use the edit version of the song.  Otherwise the band jams out in some "New Orleans Funeral/Civil War" type setting.  THEN THERE'S FIRE!  And as we all know, the key to any great video or movie is an assload of fire.

So anyways, check out the video below, and if you get a chance check out the live video from the "I'm With You" closed circuit telecast.  You need to see these guys at in live to really appreciate how much they're putting into this song.