I found this story quite by accident at Bro bible (via the sight Newser).  Evidently there is a petition to have Texas Tech Cheerleader Kendal Jones thrown off of Facebook for her African hunting pics.

Getty Images "Would You Kill This Guy?"

I am a meat eater, I know where my food comes from. I know about harvesting deer because they'll overpopulate, but is there really a reason to be killing lions and cheetahs and other exotic African animals?  I just haven't ever seen a reason to kill one other than to feed your own ego.  It's tough looking at the pictures of Kendal hugging or mugging by dead animals.

I'm going to have to go with "Daddy has too much money let's find baby something else to do" on this one.  Our Native Americans taught us that you only kill what you can eat and that you use every part of the animal. I fail to see how killing a hippo helps anybody (I'm sure that every once in a while there a crazy one that tramples a village, but I don't see any scared locals around these animals). Evidently she's also wanting to use her kill count to land a t.v. show.

I'd like to recommend the bleach blonde that at one point in history it was thought to be okay to kill red-headed people and we eventually figured out that wasn't okay. Maybe it's time that we let these animals be.

Check out the whole story here.



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