I want to personally thank all of you that come out to support live shows in Lubbock regardless of who is playing or where the show is held. You guys are the reason we continue to get shows over other cities that may have bigger venues. Our die hard live music fans here in the hub make a difference. To those of you that don't come out... shame on you! It seems we have some listeners that no matter the band, or how recently they played here, will not come out to show their support for the rock scene here in Lubbock.

Just a few months ago, Redlight King was here and put on one kick ass rock show, so when we heard they were coming back we were stoked!

This band is made up of good dudes, who get on stage and just flat out rock from the time they start the first song until the last chord is played.

Unlike the last time they played here, they were in a smaller venue which gave fans the opportunity to actually meet and mingle with them after their set, not something they were able to do out at the amphitheater.

Let me encourge you all to pay attention to the bands playing the smaller venues here in town, it really goes a long way to help us get the bigger name bands... these not so well known bands will be the bigger bands you will end up paying a lot more to see in a less private setting in the not too distant future, mark my words!