The FMX Birthday Bash and X-Fest are very special parties to us and with the help of Din Productions we're giving you even more!  We will now have an after party for no additional charge.  Sweet!  Can you handle all this rock?  Details after the jump.

We've added more party to an already jam-packed weekend.  We've got people flying and driving in from all over for this epic celebration, I hope you can make it to X-Fest 9!

Right now Redlight King has the #4 rock song in the nation (and it appears to be going up) and they will headline the after party at X-fest 9.  You still get Godsmack/Staind/Halestorm/Man Made Machine, then those who want to keep rockin' can come over to the Pavilion for more rock.  Check out "Bullet In My Hand" from Redlight King.

Red Light King also does an excellent song called "Old Man" which mashes up original lyrics with a sample of the original "Old Man" by Neil Young.

James Durbin made quite a name for himself as "the metal guy" on American Idol.  Now usually "the metal guy" on American Idol likes Bon Jovi and Poison.   Durbin is OLD SKOOL METAL.  This guy is into Dio, Maiden, Priest and the like.  So what's an "American Idol" doing at X-Fest 9?  We thought long and hard about it, then we heard him doing a KILLER Dio cover.  Durbin's band has the cred to, the guitar player and drummer are from "In This Moment".
Here's Durbin with the decidedly Old Skool sounding "Stand Up"

Okay, what's cool about this next video is it's Durbin with Oranthi (female guitar player) and the kids from the current class of the "school of rock" (yes it's a real school now).  Anyways, check out these vocals (like someone on YouTube said, it's like watching Micheal Jordan playing at the YMCA).