Sometime Saturday morning my mind gave in. I've realized that we're going to be bombing people for the rest of my life.

David Wolff-Patrick, Getty Images

A lot of you are bloodthirsty right now and have had enough. I really can't blame you. It's hard for you to have perspective. You can't comprehend the fact that there are millions of Muslims in France and about a dozen carried out these horrible attacks. The problem is, whenever there are these types of attacks, it's always people who have been radicalized and militarized from the same group. I get that. I personally don't believe it's the people, I believe it's the religion.

Sorry, Islam is not a "religion of peace", but when I say that, I want to also say that neither is Christianity or any other religion that I'm aware of. They were all written in barbaric times by barbaric people and it's just at this point in history more of the trouble is coming from Islam. There will be no peace as long as we're saying "our ancient book is better than your ancient book". There will only be peace when people realize that these superstitions and promises of a better life should be thrown away in favor of making their time on earth the best it can be.

I don't expect that many will buy into what I've written. If you get a chance, click the links above or here for "scary Bible quotes" and "scary Koran quotes".  It really shows you how you can take passages from either in or out of context in order to bring destruction to this world.