It was a sad day when I got the news that Ron Grant had passed away. He was such a good dude to be around. I got to know Ron through the station, but it was my run-in with him at Wal-Mart that will always make me laugh.

It was about 3am and I'm hammered drunk. I'm beggin my girlfriend to take me to Wal-Mart so I can get some food. I can barely stand up so I'm leaning on her for support when we get to the frozen food aisle and I see Ron Grant! So, I yell as loud as I can ROOOONNN GRAAAAANT!!!!! Well I guess ol' Ronnie G wasnt feeling any pain either and he said just as cool as can be "Hey Rooster wat cha doin buddy?" By this time in the convo I'm gettin louder and louder. My girlfriend is tryin' to keep us two idiots from drawing attention to ourselves but we can't help it. Managers come over, that's right- multiple managers- and say 'Men y'all have to keep it down'. It was at this time that Ronnie G looked over and said "Is this your girlfriend? She has nice boobs. I wanna lick em!" I start laughing so hard I had to sit in the frozen food aisle.  All she did was cross her arms and walk away.

Up until Ron passed away, whenever they would see each other, my girlfriend would always cross her arms and Ron and I would laugh everytime. You will be missed Ron.