It was three years ago today, that I lost my friend Randy Barr. Now this isn't going to be a sad post or anything like, its remembering a brother that loved music his friends and his family.

When I first met Randy I was very new to radio and when I was trying to get out and about and meet any local band I could to make friends and so forth I met Randy and his brother Marshall.

We became instant friends and would hang out the shows talking music and whatever else the night would hold for us.

Randy also worked for Taco as a "roadie' and that's where he would shine. One of my favorite memories is when Brian "Head" Welch came to town on his solo tour and Randy running the show at Tequila Jungle and he told me to go pick him up at the motel where "Head" was staying at. He was laughing at me because he knew that when I picked up "Head" from the motel what was in store for me.


Now that is where I will stop the story, just to save face for Brian Welch. But what Randy said to "Head" would stay with me forever as one of my favorite "rockstar" stories to tell anyone that asks me if I have any stories to tell.

Randy Barr was full of life that loved music, his friends and his family. I remember one of the last times I saw him on stage playing with his band "Killsuit Junkie" I was walking in front of the stage and during sound check and I hear Randy yell at me "Rooster, Play Me Some Tool Brotha" and I yell back "you got a bass play me some Tool" and be broke out a perfect cover of "Forty Six & 2" and he just laughed. The next night he called in to request his Tool and little did I know that it would be the last time I would talk to friend.

I still have the audio of Randy requesting his Tool. I play it from time to time not to be sad, but remembering a great bro and if you ever got the chance to talk with Randy you are smiling with me, knowing one of the greatest dudes that we had the privilege to know, even for a short time.