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If you're like me, I'm sick and tired of the replacement refs that are basically ruining some games and the NFL overall. It needs to stop, in my opinion, but the refs were not the ONLY big stories that came out this week's sports world.

NCAA football had some some killer upsets this week.

I loved seeing Kansas State show its worth against a then sixth-ranked Oklahoma team in Norman. The Wildcats moved up to seventh in the polls this week due to the upset.

The UCLA Bruins got taken down by the Oregon State Beavers. The game was once again a display of how the Beavers might be a PAC-12 surprise contender. That's two opponents taken down in the top 20. (Wisconsin was 13 and UCLA was 19.)

Washington State fell to a resilient Colorado Buffalo team in Pullman, Washington.

The NFL had some absolutely insane games.

The Titans and Lions had a matchup for the ages, as you've heard from me already, but another big story was the Kansas City Chiefs knocking the New Orleans Saints to 0-3 in the Lousiana Superdome.

Overtime was a pretty big theme this week as well, as the Titans, Chiefs, and Jets scored overtime victories, exercising the new rules set into place for the extra period.

The Monday Night Football game had more controversy with the refs as well, as the last play of regulation was a Hail Mary hauled in by, of course a Notre Dame kid, Golden Tate. The pass was ruled as an interception by one official, yet a touchdown by another. After review, the officials gave the Seahawks the game-winning touchdown.

Denny Hamlin capped off the weekend for NASCAR by scoring his first win of the chase in New Hampshire.

This week had some ballistic football matchups, which of course leaves me stoked for next week. What could possibly happen next?

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