Guess what?  I voted Republican, and straight ticket in nearly every race since I was 21 (and that was a long time ago).  However, if you say anything that isn't "straight party line" these days, people start shouting "LIBERAL".  It's enough to make someone want to be a liberal.  There are certain lines of rhetoric than when I hear them, I know what I'm dealing with.  I'm dealing with the same people, who hit the same websites and listen to the same bloated fat head each weekday.  How can a "conservative" say these things?  I think for myself. I don't need to use someone elses arguments or reasoning, I have my own. I'll give you some examples after the jump.

Here's some prime examples of things people say that let me know they're just spilling rumors are bullsh!t.

*"This Presidents gonna take away our guns".  Sorry, ain't never gonna happen. He's never even attempted anything of the sort.  I myself don't believe in gun control, I don't think you should be able to have tankbusters or grenade launchers, but anything reasonable is cool.

*"This is a socialist country now".  Exactly how has your life changed in the last three years?  I haven't noticed any change at all except the economy is tougher.  It's funniest when people spout off the most about "socialized medicine" which is the one place we really need something.  One medical bill can drive you to bankruptcy.  Nobody seems to complain that Police, Fire, & Streets are examples of "socialized services" (everybody has to pay in for the greater good.

*"O-Bama".  That's "The President". He's the leader of the free world, give him some respect and if you say "he's not MY President, then you're a traitor to the United States Of America.  Whomever is dutifully elected, is THE President.  Don't be stupid.

I'm sure there are more to add to this short list, but we hear the same thing over and over, especially "Liberal".  Whatever, my views are 99% Republican, or what you'd call a "constitutional conservative", but I reserve the right to think for myself.  Republicans, in general, are making it very embarrassing to be part of the group right now.

I am always willing to listen to anyone's point of view, but let's hear YOUR point of view, not some commentators or some national party's lines.