Multiple sports news outlets have continuous evidence of what seems to be an obvious illegal tandem of moves by Michael Waltrip Racing teammates Brian Vickers and Clint Bowyer in effort to propel fellow teammate Martin Truex Jr. into the Chase. Let's break it down.

From an in-car view and a live radio feed (both of which you can see below) from Clint Bowyer's car, it looks pretty blatant that he spun out in an effort to help Martin Truex Jr. have a better chance at finish further up front with more time via a caution.

Brian Vickers was randomly told to immediately pit, a move he didn't understand, but he followed orders and basically played dumb.

Sadly, all Martin Truex Jr. really did was "race his ass off" as he said in post-race interviews, and he really did. I don't think he necessarily called for those certain things to happens, but hey, with this controversy spinning rapidly out of control, who really knows.

Bottom line: Martin Truex Jr. is out of the Chase for the Sprint Cup, the guy who actually cheated is still in the Chase, Ryan Newman gets the second wild card spot, and Jeff Gordon still remains without a Chase berth.

Plenty of drama heading into this weekend in Chicago. Here's the video...