Rick Perry is a lughead.  He's also a bit of bully and lets not forget religious zealot.  We've seen it first hand.  Man, I'm calling names here, but we've experienced his mafia like security team at the radio station. His recent public statement that the Boy Scouts should keep their ban on gay scouts proves ONCE AGAIN that he is anachronistic and no longer representative of ALL of the people of West Texas.  More after the jump.


I'm sorry that some reading this are or are still being influenced by generations of stupidity and hoodoo.  Being gay is not a choice.  Being gay is born into you right down to your chromosomes.  It's the same with Not being gay.  Let's also not forget that between being gay and not being gay there's a billion other possibilities.  Being gay doesn't make you a deviate and/or more likely to impress your sexuality on others. Let's say you're a man who likes women.  Do you therefore molest little girls?  The answer is no.  If that answer is no, why would you assume a gay man would molest little boys?  Straights are straights, gays are gays and pedophiles are pedophiles.

As for gay scouts themselves, most are at an age where it's not going to be an issue.  And just as there are straight men who overshare their sexual exploits, so may there be gays who do the same thing.  These are people who have a problem with tact, not a problem with sexuality.

Personally I don't know why any gay person would want to be in the scouts. If I was black I wouldn't want to join a racist organization, so why would a gay person want to join a homophobic organization?  I guess the Scouts numbers are dwindling to so few that while the organization debates being more inclusive to boost it's numbers, the alternative, starting another organization like the Scouts doesn't make sense either.

Then, there are those of you parents who wonder about your own kids sexuality.  Let's be plain spoken here, if you don't support your son and daughter regardless of their sexuality, you're just another bigoted sperm donor unworthy of the title of "parent".  While we're at it, I know there are some of you who still have anti-gay thoughts or use gay slurs, but think about this-there are people who look down on you because you are 'one of those rock and roll types'.   It's certainly not that big of a thing, but some think your hair is funny or you wear too many black t-shirts.   And as a group that can be put upon by others, we need to be more understanding and help support others that have it much, much rougher than ourselves.

I would like to thank Governor Rick Perry for his service to the state of Texas. It's a very hard job.  I would also like to tell him that it's time for him to retire.  We need a governor that represents ALL of Texas, white and black, immigrant, gay, or straight.  Even though he's been a big defender of the Boy Scouts, it's not his job to even publicly comment on this organizations policy.  It's even worse when his comments specifically seek to exclude a segment of society.  Just his thoughts that gay people have "gay activism as central to their lives" are abhorrent and not worthy of a public official.  Perry himself has said that the mission of the scouts is "character building, not sex education".  I wish he would take that advice himself. The governor has a real problem with gay people and to me that bias no longer makes him worthy of our votes.