I want so bad for Rick Perry to step up and be the man I know he can be, then he speaks.  When I watch Rick Perry it's like watching a football team blowing a lead in the fourth quarter!  Read more after the break.

The latest nuggets the Governor dropped on the press are that he doesn't believe in global warming (while Texas literally burns) and that he wouldn't have signed the recent budget compromise.

The problem we are having now is so much deeper than the president.  It's gridlock. It's lack of compromise. It's the "my way or the highway" attitude. We have to have people in office who will work together. You may hate the guy who makes the bread at your sandwich shop, but you guys work together to make the whole sandwich.  No one is going to get their way 100%. No one is going to be happy 100%.  But there has to be a way where most of us are happy say, 75%.  Saying, "I AM NOT..." to start a campaign is a bad sign.

C'mon Rick! I want to consider you as my candidate, but you're going to have to show everyone some old fashion' Texas hospitality. Invite everyone to the table and let everyone eat!