There is so much I like about Rick Perry that I thought I could overcome what I consider to be his "flaws". Now, he's pretty much shown that he's not the guy for me.  Read more after the break.

What bothers me about the Gov is that he is no longer even consistent.  I like that he is a big supporter of "states rights" even though I disagreed with how he exercises them (turning down federal funds, then begging for them during the wildfires).  I like the idea of "states rights" because it seems that the laws made and enforced at the state level seem to be a little close to the people and what the want. I also don't like the idea of being micromanaged by someone who lives 2000 miles away.

Now Perry has come out in favor of a FEDERAL law to not recognize gay marriage.  The people in certain states (New York being the latest) have said loud and clear that they don't have a problem with it, so why is it now a federal problem?  And why is this even taking up time at a Federal level?  Most of all, why even have "States" if the federal government is going to micromanage the laws at this level?

We've all heard of federal raids on licensed pot dealers in several states; and a lot of us were appalled.   Let's make up our mind here on whose running the show. Where do states rights end and federal rights begin? I just check and about 14 states have made medical marijuana legal, what happens when that "tips" over to even more states?  It's the same thing with gay marriage; in a number of states people have said that they don't have a problem with it, so why should the federal government have a problem with it?  You just can't legislate morality, it's been proven time and time it doesn't work.

So Governor Perry, do you want to run the "United States of America" or are you wanting to "Unite" the states of America.  I think it's an important distinction and until you respect the will of the people in each of those states, you've lost my vote.