I'm sorry, but you guitar teachers may have to go back to making pizzas. This piece of software is incredible.

This is an ad that popped up while I was looking for something else.  It's still damn amazing.  Put an MP3 in your computer and it spits out the chords of the song so you can play along.  It does a lot more than that too.

I am both totally amazed and totally pissed at the technology for musicians out there. I was really impressed with those guitar/software combos that lit up and taught you songs (Fretlight).  Now comes this software.  Check it out. You put any MP3 in it, it pulls all the chords in the song out for you, then it displays the current and next chord in real time during playback.  But wait, it does more.  You can isolate or eliminate solos to replace them or play them yourself.  It even has built in metronome.  This almost sounds like a commercial, but I am truly impressed with this and think it would be a huge asset to any beginning guitarist.