Rob Zombie will turn from horror to hockey when he starts work on "Broad Street Bullies."

The film will chronicle the story of the infamous 1970's Philadelphia Flyers, who Rob (a hardcore Boston Bruins fan) followed as a kid.

Zombie tells that  "It's almost like 'Rocky', but it's real," he said. "When you watch 'Rocky', you go, ‘God, I wish that was real.' It's sort of like 'Boogie Nights' meets 'Rocky'. I know from the five-minute conversation [with the ex-Flyers] there's a lot of good stuff besides hockey going on.

Zombie's fifth solo record  "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor" is set to be released on April 23 and three days later (April 26) Rob Zombie's sixth motion picture "The Lords Of Salem" will make its premiere.

Now no slashing while you check out the video...