If there truly is such a thing as karma, one day ants will rise up and eat Rob Zombie.  Rob just directed his second commercial for Amdro and it's just as creepy as the first.  More after the jump.

Using the same messed up color hues as Dr. Satan's lair in "House Of 10o0 Corpses", Zombie's actor does a 'classic' dark room scene (who really has a 'dark room anymore', we're all digital?).  Any ways his actor has gone nutty presumable because he has ants in his pants and he needs to dance.  It's funny, Zombies three commercials (one for Woolite and new two for Amdro) are more cohesive than some of his movies.  Enjoy this 30 second freak fest (unless your a bug, then you may want to cover your eyes in horror)!.