I found a very old photo album and made a few scans to share with my friends.  It occurred to me that many of my listeners have hung with me through the years and went to these same shows and met these same folks.  So get ready for some fun!

I shared all of these on my Facebook.  I don't mind if you friend me, but I'll warn you now that my personal Facebook is a little radical and anti-religion. If that bothers you, stick with the FMX page where I put more of the funny and harmless stuff. Moving on!  I've been absolutely horrible about keeping up with this stuff over the years, truth is, I didn't care that much. Also, back in the day, the guys at the photo huts would steal my photos and like anyone else, you open a photo album and you find out you took all the pictures and you weren't even in them. Anyways. Enjoy:

With Adam and Dale Dudley (Now KLBJ):

With Dale and Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.:

 With Dale and Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden:

 With those nutty kids Bon Jovi:

Getting hammered with George Lynch of Dokken (at a Wendy O. Williams after party):

With Sammy Hagar, winners and former FMX jock Ron Newsome:

With Terry Bozzio, then of Missing Persons, also with the Zappas and Duran Duran:

With The Hooters and a member or two from Loverboy. Band is best known for writing "Time After Time" for Cyndi Lauper:

With Cheap Trick. Jon Brandt was on bass this tour. Robin Zander was off with the ladies!:

With Robbin Crosby of Ratt:

With Robbin Crosby of Ratt