It's time for our weekly roundup of RockShow Quickies!  Yes, these are the best of last week, but they'll definitely give you a fresh chuckle to start the week off.  You can find the Quickies original appearances on the lower right hand side of KFMX.Com and some at the RockShows Facebook here

I just love the randomness of our first quickie.  It's like somebody spent some time on this just to create complete nonsense. .


The old timey pictures always make for fun times.

I love the wordplay here.  Try it at the bar this weekend.

I think you either get this next one or you don't.

You have to look closely at this picture to get it.

What dog wouldn't sell you out for bacon?

I love the party dogs.  Notice the "Bark" beer in the corner.

There have been a lot of these two picture memes lately.  They're harder to post, but this one was worth it.

Grumpy cat is everywhere so I usually avoid her.  This time I had to include one.

I managed to find a couple of good Easter quickies.