This past weekend we threw it down in Brownfield, Texas for The 4B Wild West Bike Rally and there was a pretty good buzz on who was the secret cast member of the hit FX show "Sons Of Anarchy" and we all found out Saturday!

When myself and Driver got to the rally we both were so stoked to see just how many bike, rv's and tents were strung out along the 400+ acres, it was something very cool to see and be a part of.

As I am doing a radio break I see Steve who is the mastermind of The 4B Wild West Bike Rally pulled up next to the FMX truck where I was standing so I started to talking to him about the rally but I didn't notice who was sitting in the backseat. The gentlemen rolled down the window and it was David LaBrava who portrays "Happy" in the show "Sons Of Anarchy."

He was a great dude to work with where he introduced the bands on stage and took what I could imagine at least 1,000 pictures.

The 4B Wild West Bike Rally was awesome to be apart of again this year as myself and Driver rocked just like we always do.

Thank you to all who came out and attended and if you didn't make it out this year then I would recommend that you make plans for next year!

The new season of "Sons Of Anarchy" starts Tuesday September 10th.